Two Bangladeshis honoured at The Diana Award

March 15, 2024

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Bangladesh’s Nafira Nayeem Ahmad and Shamim Ahmed Mridha are two of twenty young people honoured with the Legacy Award for The Diana Award’s 25th Anniversary.

On March 14, William, the Prince of Wales and Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, paid tribute to and convened with twenty remarkable young individuals hailing from various parts of the world. This gathering was in recognition of The Legacy Award, established in memory of Diana, the late Princess of Wales.

The Legacy Award takes place every two years and honours young individuals for their contributions to social action and humanitarian efforts.

About this year’s winners from Bangladesh

Nafira Nayeem Ahmad

In 2019, Nafira Nayeem Ahmad founded “Amplitude”, a non-profit and youth-driven organisation in Bangladesh, dedicated to eliminating discrimination through sustainable solutions. With over 30 volunteers, Amplitude has swiftly emerged as a formidable catalyst in the pursuit of social justice and equality.

The non-profit’s objectives encompass fostering and preserving equality, combating discrimination, challenging societal stigmas, and redistributing privilege to foster a just society. With unwavering resilience and a fervent commitment to effecting change, Nafira remains steadfast in her endeavour to cultivate a more inclusive society for all.

Shamim Ahmed Mridha

Shamim Ahmed Mridha is a young leader and advocate for climate action, actively engaged in numerous initiatives aimed at raising awareness. He is the founder of “Eco-Network Global”, a youth organisation dedicated to fostering climate education that organises different training programmes and awareness campaigns.

Shamim’s “Climate School” initiative has conducted numerous workshops and training sessions, imparting climate education to over 50,000 young individuals both online and offline. Shamim has enlisted several “climate ambassadors” within his organisation, leveraging social and traditional media platforms to disseminate messages on climate change and environmental conservation.

All the recipients of the Legacy Award were already recognised for their impact on society with The Diana Award in 2022 or 2023.



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