Turtle Venture launches first startup venture studio to empower Bangladeshi startups

September 24, 2022

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Turtle Venture, a Dhaka-based Startup ecosystem development and consultancy company, announced that it has launched Bangladesh’s first venture studio in Singapore.

“Bangladesh Startup Ecosystem has taken on a whole new meaning Saturday evening with the launch of the first venture studio in the country named Turtle Venture Studio (TVS),” reads a press release sent to FS. “The studio aims to change the conventional mode of accessing vital everyday services startups need to operate and grow.”

The launch of the studio was announced in an event held in Singapore, attended by thirty-five institutional investors, prominent venture capitalists, and angel investors, says the press release. Prominent angel investors such as Osman Ahmed, Diana Teoh, Michael Cutler, and Naushaba Salahuddin along with guests from organizations including She Loves Tech, Antler, Kitcod, GEN SingaporeGEN, Integra Partners, Rapyd, Bizsupermart Pte Ltd, Blue Ocean Strategy, Agile Counsel, Carro, iValue InfoSolutions Pvt. Ltd, Iterative, Vamos Startups, and many more attended the event. 

Turtle Venture Studio has also partnered up with Lanturn to help Bangladeshi entrepreneurs launch businesses in Singapore. Turtle Venture Studio says it aims to provide guidance, advisory, and opportunity for Bangladeshi startups to grow with access to the global market, and to help Singaporean partners penetrate the Bangladesh markets. 

Turtle Venture was established in 2018 by Saraban Tahura Turin and Anwar Sayef Anik to help entrepreneurs launch and grow their businesses. Over the last four years, the company claims it has organized more than fifteen accelerator programs and helped over ninety businesses raise fifteen million dollars in seed capital, and collaborated with more than fifty partners, sponsors, and clients, reads the press release.

The company plans to launch the first cohort of the studio early next year. 

“We will launch the first cohort in January 2023,” says the co-founder of TVS, Anwar Sayef Anik. “Its mission is to create a community-wide ecosystem of empowerment and economic opportunity through the development of new solutions and the encouragement of entrepreneurs.”

Saraban Tahura Turin, CEO, and co-founder of TVS, has remarked, “Our team has a wide range of knowledge and a strong genuine concern for the startup ecosystem in its many facets. I can’t wait to see TVS become an industry standard for building startup communities.”



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