The Power of Connections: Samina Chowdhury’s International Reach in Real Estate

July 11, 2023

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Samina Chowdhury has so far successfully helped over 50 buyers/sellers/investors worldwide through this process.

Real estate agent Samina Chowdhury may be based in Maryland, but she has a global reach.

“I have agents in cities around the world, and can connect my clients whether they’re buying or selling,” she said.

US. Canada. Dubai. Lisbon, Portugal. Japan. Bangladesh. India. London.

These are just a few of the places to which Samina’s network extends. Her ability to connect homebuyers and sellers extends much farther as she differentiates herself from other real estate agents by reimagining the role.

Samina’s efforts in North America alone are boosted by her office in Maryland—she is a member of the Bob Lucido Team, Keller Williams Lucido Agency —which serves the Baltimore, DC and Northern Virginia region and, additionally, has locations in 26 states and three Canadian provinces.

Among the top 4% of real estate agents in Maryland, Samina has been featured on, Yahoo, NY Weekly, Women’s World and in Baltimore Magazine. She has received numerous awards, including Top Agent (2006-2022), Quadruple Platinum Award (2007); and Keller Williams’ most coveted award, the Millionaire Agent Medal (2014-2022).

Samina takes detailed notes on what the client needs then taps into her network to find a Top Producing Agent in the city they want and briefs the agent before connecting them to her client. She has so far successfully helped over 50 buyers/sellers/investors worldwide through this process.

In one case, Samina’s cousin in Plano, Texas, was told that the house she was selling was worth $450,000. Samina’s cousin believed her house was worth more, so Samina made some calls. She found the Top Producing Agent in the Plano area, who determined the house was worth $500,000. He listed the property at $490,000 and ended up selling it for $525,000.

“I talk to the agents, brief them, so they know what they’re expected to deliver for the client,” Samina said.

Regarding her ability to work on a global scale, Samina, an immigrant from Bangladesh who lives in the Baltimore region, speaks five languages fluently—English, Bengali, Urdu, Hindi and Arabic. This allows her to work with clients who are moving from regions around the world to the U.S. and are in the market for a new home.

“I have family all over the U.S.,” Samina said. “I have family all over the world. I’m telling them that, if they have friends and family or you need a realtor, then give me a buzz. Why do I have to keep it confined to Maryland?”

Another area that Samina specializes in is working with immigrants who are based in the U.S. but own properties back home in their native country. Sometimes they inherit a property but are in no position to manage the logistics of renting or selling it. This is another area in which Samina’s global network allows her to maintain a global reach.

“I am an immigrant,” she said. “I serve the immigrant population. I’m a minority woman and entrepreneur, serving my community, helping them attain their American dream.”

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