Tasmim Zobaear: Bridging cultures through haute couture

August 6, 2023

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Today, the Tasmim Zobaear Fashion House continues its meteoric rise in Dubai with the Bangladeshi fashion designer Tasmim Zobaear at its helm.

While his friends were probably turning pages of sports magazines looking for a cut-out of Sachin Tendulkar or Ronaldinho, a high schooler Tasmim Zobaear was leafing through the pages of European fashion magazines instead. While others watched Pokemon on Cartoon Network, Tasmim remained glued to the TV screen watching award ceremonies. It was not because of the movie stars but rather the glamorous outfits waltzing by the red carpets.

There is perhaps a certain purity in nurturing an obsession from a young age because then, one’s perception and imagination know no bounds.

“I was really into fashion! Pretty much, I was obsessed with it from a very young age and loved looking at really cool designer clothes. In high school, I believed that with hard work and dedication, I can achieve my career goals,” said Zobaear.

Well, he did achieve his career goals but make no mistake, Tasmim Zobaear is far from done.

Zobaear is a Bangladeshi fashion designer based in Asia and Europe, who was born in Chittagong, Bangladesh in 1994. It was his intense interest in fashion from an early age which led Zobaear to study design at a school in Darjeeling, India when he was 15 years old. And in 2018 he opened his very first boutique in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

During the Dubai International Fashion Week in 2019, Zobaear made his international debut. And just two years later, he unveiled his couture collection at the prestigious Pavillon Cambon Capucines in Paris, France, during Paris Fashion Week Fall 2022.

Skyrocketing to fame, Zobaear became one of Dubai’s most acclaimed designers. Responding to the growing demand for his creations, he proudly presented the Tasmim Zobaear ‘Spring Summer 2023 Collection’ at The Westin Paris Vendome, showcasing a contemporary collection that embodied his signature aesthetic in a more simple yet stunning fashion.

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“Paris Fashion Week gave me a chance to be independent in ideas. I’m most proud of quickly becoming known as one of the best designers in Europe. This was the beginning of a new era for me,” said Zobaear.

Behind Zobaear’s finished product donned by models who walk down the catwalk are his developing concepts and creative merit – and it starts with a very fundamental strategy.

“It is one of my hobbies to doodle with little sketches and pictures painted on paper. When looking for inspiration, remember that it doesn’t necessarily have to come from fashion. You can be inspired by botanicals, art, film or animals. If I see a flower with amazing colours, I try to incorporate those colours into my look. That kind of real-world style inspiration is where many designers, myself included, actually, get their fashion ideas,” explained Zobaear.

During the Dubai International Fashion Week in 2019, Tasmim Zobaear made his international debut. Photo: Courtesy

The length of time it takes to design outfits can vary depending on a number of factors, including the complexity of the designs, the level of experience and skill, and the amount of research and development that goes into each piece, according to Zobaear.

“When I saw his dresses, I fell in love. I approached him and expressed that I would love to model his outfits. With his exquisite, elegant and unique couture gowns, his magic will turn me into a gorgeous rapunzel on the runway!” said London-based model Rosie Minako.

Even though Zobaear predominantly caters to a European market, he envisions tapping into the Bangladesh market as well.

And how do you plan to achieve this? ” Understanding and identifying your design style is the first step to clearly articulating your taste to someone else. Inspiration from outside the realm of fashion can help me find a look that is unique, rather than trendy.

My creations would be all about stylish cuts that show personality and flair, with a polished look for the red carpet. They would be made from beautiful fabrics in rich colours and textures, with elegant cuts that flatter the figure,” replied Zobaear.

Today, the Tasmim Zobaear Fashion House continues to succeed because of the efforts of over 100 active and committed staff. The group is in charge of everything, including administrative and public relations as well as creative design embroideries and accessories.

Some think Zobaear stole Cinderella’s fairy grandmother’s stick and everything he crafted was made with pure magic because of his ability to transform every woman who wears his distinctive pieces into a goddess. His distinctive work, which epitomises beauty and essence, has found its way onto all the major podiums, shops and celebrities.

For his work, Zobaear regularly travels between Dubai, Paris and Dhaka.

Tasmim Zobaear Fashion House has an office in Mirpur which handles all the operations pertaining to making of the clothes. The fashion label sources its fabric from Islampur, Old Dhaka while the stitching takes place in its Mirpur office. And then, it travels to Dubai and Paris.

Currently, the fashion label’s only physical store is based in Dubai. Zobaear is planning to set up another store in Paris later this year.



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