Story of an inspiring and courageous entrepreneur

July 31, 2021

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Jawad Sharif, a young and emerging individual has defied all odds and successfully accomplished his goal of becoming an entrepreneur with hard work and true dedication.

While the country’s young talents are struggling to meet ends meet and continuously pursuing job security with a monthly income, Jawad Sharif has stood up with the ultimate solution building a startup business and have the ultimate solution to make the general people’s life easier, thus helping the workforce. Through his different ventures, he is going outside of the box, helping to boost country’s economy, building a strong info structure and showing the young entrepreneurs a way to have their own empowering success.

The story behind the journey. Jawad Sharif always wanted to help the nation, do something for the people and contribute to the socio-economic platform. “One Nation, under God”, he says with a big smile on his face. Being raised in a family of working-class parents and two brothers, Jawad has always dreamed of becoming a passionate young individual with the urge of building his own empire. Being a recipient of Golden A+ (S.S.C) from prestigious Rajuk Uttara Model College in Bangladesh, with a sound academic background, he was also involved in various extracurricular and volunteer activities throughout his school career.

Jawad was chosen as a Young Ambassador for the U.S state departments Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (YES) program, and represented Bangladeshi culture among the diversified population of the US, finished his High School Diploma from Limon High School in Limon, Colorado. He completed his BSC in Petroleum Engineering from Colorado School of Mines, which has ranked number 1 university in surface engineering field. Jawad Sharif was the first Bangladeshi student to be elected as a class president for two consecutive years by his fellow classmates in the history of the university and served in the distinguished post in student council with flawless success. It’s his vast experience abroad that made him realize that often time start-up individuals with degrees in various fields don’t get the courage and support to stand up due to unexpected obstruction.

“I wanted to show everyone, no matter how hard the path or difficult the situation is, you have
to learn how to defy obstruction, the real winners are the ones that never give up, the ones keep trying endlessly.”

Building a brilliant platform in Auto Industry, working as a prime time News Anchor

On returning to the country, he worked on building his passion into career and started his Company called Universal Auto, a prominent name in the auto industry of Bangladesh. As a Chairman & Managing Director of the organization, he has built a workforce team and with a small capital, started an auto display showroom selling Brand New & Reconditioned vehicles directly imported from Japan. Seven years later, Universal Auto has emerged as one of the top 10 reconditioned car sales organizations in two locations in the heart of Dhaka city.

Jawad is also the Executive Director of B.J. car, a multinational company with conglomerates in Automotive Import/retail/wholesale.

“Never give up on your passion”, as he has always dreamed of being a multi-tasker besides being an entrepreneur, also setting his footprint into Bangladesh Electronic TV Media. Jawad is currently serving as an English News Anchor in the prestigious local television network NTV, prior to which he has also served at the same post in another Television network ATN News.

Overseeing a workforce of over 300 people, he has created a work environment of unity and diversity. “There is no place of business because I believe in gender equality regardless of race & religion,” he says with confidence. Jawad is an example of hard work and true dedication can lead to ultimate goal in life. He has created opportunities and inspired many young individuals to start growing their own businesses within few years. His startup company now plans to expand nationwide, accelerating at an unprecedented pace hoping to establish an iron-clad foothold coming days ahead.



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