Sheraspace launches Bangla website, looks to make interior design services accessible to everyone

February 23, 2022

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Interior design-focused prop-tech startup Sheraspace announced that it has launched a Bangla language version of its website on 21st February. The company did not have a Bangla language website before and people could only access its services via its English language website. The move comes as the digital interior design services company looks to make interior services accessible to more people and accelerate its growth. 

In a blog post announcing the launch, the company writes: “21st February 2022 marks the 70th anniversary of the great Bengali Language Movement – a chapter of grave importance in the history of the formation of Bangladesh. As a humble tribute to the valour and sacrifice of the language martyrs, the Sheraspace website has now been launched in Bangla at: We at Sheraspace believe that interior design should not be exclusive to the affluent only, but be accessible to everyone. Hence, in this endeavour of democratising interior design and making it accessible to all in Bangladesh, we believe it is important to do so in the language that our customers feel most comfortable in.”

Expanding the market and building deeper connections

The move aligns with Sheraspace’s strategic ambition of making interior design accessible to everyone. Sheraspace co-founder and CEO Sarjeena Maodud explained this in On Building a Tech-first Home Improvement Platform in Bangladesh, Interior Design Market, and Lessons in Entrepreneurship with Sarjeena Maodud:

“There’s a pre-existing notion in Bangladesh that interior design is for the affluent only and an interior project requires an extensive investment of time, effort, and money. This is exactly what Sheraspace challenges today. We are working to democratize interior design by making it accessible to everyone through an affordable, short-term, and hassle-free solution that consumers can avail from the comfort of their home.”

Accessibility has two aspects: affordability and understanding. The company has already implemented several initiatives in this direction, including launching an online interior design consultation service at affordable flat-fee pricing and making the whole process simple and accessible.

Sheraspace’s Bangla language website, however, enables true democratization of its services. It should also allow the company to expand its market. In Bangladesh, the English-speaking population and people who are comfortable with English are a relatively small minority. To that end, Sheraspace’s new website can allow it to reach a new group of customers who could not access its services previously due to language barriers.

Language is more than just a tool for communicating. Language is emotion. Language is love. For many people, it is not only essential that people can access their service in their own language, but it elevates their entire experience and relationship when that service is offered in their native tongue. The new website should help Sheraspace build an intimate relationship with many of its customers. 

Timing is everything

Founded in 2019, Sheraspace provides a range of interior design and home improvement services, including online interior design consultation, full end-to-end interior design solutions, and custom furniture design for full interior design projects. A trifecta of innovation, superior customer service, and “epiphany experience” — Sheraspace is the first company to launch an affordable online interior design consultation service in Dhaka — has helped the company achieve excellent growth within a short period of time. 

Interior design is a big market in Bangladesh, with some industry insiders suggesting that it could easily surpass a billion-dollar. Although the market remains highly fragmented today, it is evolving fast under the pressure of rising income and evolving consumer taste. Sheraspace prepares to take advantage of the opportunity and the timing couldn’t have been better for the company. 



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