Shapla Tax unveils new app for effortless tax filing

October 18, 2023

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2022 bore testimony to Shapla Tax’s remarkable achievements, with over 1,000 individuals trusting the platform for their tax filings.

As Bangladesh progresses into the digital era, the introduction of a tax filing app has become a crucial necessity to improve Bangladesh’s tax culture.

A digital tax-filing app not only eases the burden on taxpayers but also aligns with the vision of Smart Bangladesh, emphasizing technological advancement and efficient governance.

Shapla Tax, already a distinguished figure in online tax solutions, unveiled its trailblazing Shapla Tax App on Wednesday at its Dhaka head office.

The inauguration saw a gathering of esteemed media personnel and other notable attendees, all of whom were given an immersive understanding of the app’s purpose, development, and its transformative potential for the nation’s tax management.

The previous year bore testimony to Shapla Tax’s remarkable achievements, with over 1,000 individuals trusting the platform for their tax filings.

Another noteworthy feature that garnered significant attention was their free tax calculator, designed to provide instant tax estimates, further simplifying the tax preparation process for users.

The app stands out with its streamlined 3-step tax filing system, backed by robust encryption technologies that prioritize user data protection.

What sets it apart further is its unique alliance with ITP-certified professionals, ensuring meticulous consultation and guidance.

Its compliance with the Auditing Standards Board of the American Institute or AICPA via Google Cloud also amplifies its security standards, ensuring compliance with global benchmarks.

Thus, with its impeccable design and document management prowess, the Shapla Tax App emerges as the new benchmark in digital tax facilitation.

Shapla Tax as a TRP has pioneered an ecosystem bridging ITP and taxpayers in a collaborative environment.

By partnering exclusively with certified Income Tax Practitioners, the platform guarantees not only efficient tax calculations but also endeavors to secure the maximum possible rebates for its clients.

This initiative not only elevates the tax submission process for individual taxpayers or ITP’s but also aligns with the broader objective of aiding the Bangladesh government in ensuring comprehensive and correct tax submissions by all.

Founder and CEO of Shapla Tax Tasnim Mortoza elaborated on the app’s transformative potential: “We’re ecstatic to present the Shapla Tax App, conceived to demystify tax management and provide a smooth path for the individuals. I firmly believe our app will embody the ethos of a Smart Bangladesh, promoting technological evolution and seamless experiences for the smart financial benefit of the populace.”

The launch event provided a comprehensive overview of the app’s capabilities, providing the attendees with a firsthand experience of its powerful features, all aimed at delivering an unparalleled tax filing journey.

Shapla Tax’s accessible on, unwavering dedication to providing innovative solutions reflects its commitment to empowering individuals and businesses in efficiently handling their tax responsibilities.

Shapla Tax is a pioneering online tax filing portal dedicated to providing comprehensive and user-friendly solutions for individuals and businesses to manage their tax-related responsibilities efficiently.

With a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, Shapla Tax continues to redefine the landscape of tax management in our community.



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