Playground Inc: Bringing fun games to your table

October 24, 2022

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Board games and card games are fun, engaging, and capable of separating us from our gadgets. They bring us closer friends and family, until the point when someone gets too competitive.

However, people in Bangladesh mostly only play Uno, Monopoly, and Ludo. This is where Playground Inc comes in. The company is on a mission to introduce new and fun games.

They have currently released two new games so far – Polashi and Vytamen.


Polashi is a card game inspired by the historical Battle of Plassey. The game was made in collaboration with Fahim Anzoom Rumman, renowned Bangladeshi artist and author of the graphic novel ‘Nidranogor.’

The players are divided into two teams: Nawab Siraj ud-Daulah and the East India Company. The objective of Nawab Siraj ud-Daulah team is to win chapters, while East India Company will try to win by deceiving their opponents.

The game cards are beautifully designed, every illustration is vibrant and expressive. 

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Polashi includes 14 character cards, ten pairs of vote tokens, five map cards, five pairs of chapter cards, and one pair of loyalty cards.

This game needs at least five players, and can accommodate up to ten players. It is best experienced with a large group of friends.

Price: Tk 599


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Vytamen is the reimagining of the card game ‘No Thanks’. The game imagines a planet plagued by a virus and the players must find a solution to the pandemic.

The only way to rid the virus is for players to develop a new vitamin, the ‘Vytamen’, where you will have to compete with each other to  develop the strongest formula.

You can play this game with a smaller group of people, it needs a minimum of three players and can accommodate up to seven. The game itself comes with 33 virus cards and 55 Vytamen tokens.

Price: Tk 249

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