‘Meghna Cloud’: Bangladesh’s first cloud data centre

January 7, 2023

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Bangladesh Data Center Company Limited (BDCCL) and Gennext Technology have recently signed an agreement to set up Meghna Cloud, Bangladesh’s first cloud data centre.

According to a press release, this joint venture will be under the initiative ‘Made in Bangladesh Cloud’, which will make it possible to keep the country’s data stored within the country. By not depending on foreign data storage facilities, the government can save foreign exchange in purchasing and using cloud technology from other countries.

The new local data centre can provide services to both government and private organisations in Bangladesh. The press release also states that a brand new Research and Development (R&D) Centre will be set up for Meghna Cloud, which will include teachers and students of both government and private universities along with Bangladesh’s data centre industry.

The agreement was signed between BDCCL Managing Director Abu Sayeed Chowdhury and Gennext Technology Chairman Touhidul Islam. Other representatives from both organisations were present at the signing ceremony.



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