Meet Marvella, Bangladesh’s first AI “influencer”

November 5, 2023

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An AI-generated “influencer” named Marvella was recently revealed in the locally hosted influencer awards program ‘Marvel of Tomorrow: Season 3’. As per the launch premiere video, ‘Marvella’ was created by The Wider Collective and The Marvel – Be You.

In the launch premiere video, it is stated that ‘Marvella’ was created using “thousands of personalities” and, similar to generative AI, is “ever-evolving” and can “adapt with experiences”.

Marvella is designed to be a 22-year graphics designer with humane interests such as travelling, sketching, and browsing social media platforms. Marvella also has an Instagram page where further details regarding her are planned to be revealed by The Marvel – Be You.

Upon her official reveal, netizens were quick to point out that she resembles South Indian actress Shriya Saran and oddly talks in an English-Bengali accent.



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