If Success had a face: Nurul Islam Babul

July 16, 2020

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The title might seem a little bit exaggerated, yet it’s worthy. A person who founded 41 organizations within 46 years, deserves such a title. Nurul Islam Babul, an impeccable ‘icon’ in the industrial development of Bangladesh. If we want to list the successful business magnets of Bangladesh, this name is a must. He was the Chairman of the Jamuna Group of Industries, one of the leading commercial companies in Bangladesh.

The Journey: With the vision and mission of building Bangladesh as a prosperous and complete independent nation, Nurul Islam Babul announced his presence in the private industry section of the country in 1974. He started his journey with electronic manufacturing company limited and named it Jamuna, which became a brand in the posterior. In 1975, the production of electrical parts in Bangladesh begun under it.

Subsequently, the Jamuna Company limited continued its activities as a giant group. Under his leadership, the Jamuna Group has been making a significant contribution to the national economy for four decades. It has provided employment to more than half a million people. Very soon this company has been promoted to multinational company for its wide range of multidimensional products.

Nurul Islam Babul

Over the past 48 years, the Jamuna Group has invested in electrical, engineering, chemical, leather, garments and textiles, as well as spinning, weaving and dyeing, cosmetics, beverages, housing, housing, print and electronic media along with the visionary of daily Jugantor.

This multinational company has earned its name in both local and global market by its products. This group of company has created a new world of textile by delivering quality products in global market by importing technology and parts from USA, Germany, Switzerland, India, Japan.

From production to media, it has left its footprint every here and there.

Nurul Islam Babul was born in Nawabganj, Dhaka on 3 May, 1946 and died on 13 July,2020. His name was inextricably connected to several multinational companies. His death is undoubtedly a huge loss for the country.



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