Green Grocery Raises New Investment, Eyes to Strengthen Supply Chain and Accelerate Growth

December 30, 2021

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Green Grocery, a Dhaka-based direct-to-consumer safe food company that sells chemical-free fresh food products, announced that it has raised a pre-seed investment. The company says it directly sources from farmers, processes in-house, and delivers directly to customers. The company offers a wide range of handpicked products sourced from different parts of the country including varieties of rice, spices, homemade spreads, brewed oils, ghee, pickle, and much more. 

The round was led by M Asif Rahman, the founder of Software Company ARCom and WDeveloper and participated by Chief Executive Officer of WP Developer Nazmul Hasan Rupok, Co-founder and Chief Operation Officer of eFoli Jahangir Alam, Co-founder, and CEO of eFoli Pran Krishna Paul, Ashif Anam Siddique and Chief Executive Officer of AuthLab Md. Shahjahan. 

The company did not disclose details of the deal. 

Launched as a small operation in 2020 with some 30 products and a small team, Green Grocery’s targets a growing consumer demand for safe foods in Bangladesh. The company now sells more than 40 products including tulsi mala Rice, mustard Oil, gawa ghee, pure honey, various types of secret recipe masala, homemade jelly, peanut butter and has received excellent attention from a growing number of customers. The company says it closely collaborates with a grassroots farming community using a team of young representatives. 

“D2C (Direct to Consumer) is a fresh concept in Bangladesh. Many people are already working on food safety in Bangladesh, but more business initiatives like this one that can ensure adulteration-free, trustworthy products are needed. Today, we are more health-conscious than ever before. To that end, Green Grocery has tremendous potential. If the company maintains the standard it has set, it will reach new heights. We have considered both our business interests and our commitment to social responsibility when analyzing our alliance,” says M Asif Rahman. 

The other two co-founders of Green Grocery Sayem Murshed and Saba Chowdhury say that Green Grocery is scaling up its supply chain and marketing ability. The fresh investment will allow the company to accelerate its growth. 

“We are super happy to have this group of well-established and successful entrepreneurs as our investors,” says Talukder Mohammad Shabbir. Not only the investment, we believe their innovative ideas and experiences will help add greater value to our journey. 

With the fresh funding, Green Grocery plans to expand its supply chain and processing capacity and invest in growth. 

Safe food brands have seen excellent growth in Dhaka over the past few years. The segment has already produced several prominent players. Green Grocery says it has strong differentiation points and aims to elevate grocery products where people will send grocery items as gifts. The company uses beautiful designs and packaging generally reserved for esthetic products to elevate the status of grocery items to lift them out of the mundane. 



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