Golam Murshed: The architect of a billion-dollar company

December 13, 2021

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Golam Murshed, an entrepreneurial and visionary young business leader, is the managing director (MD) and chief executive officer (CEO) of Walton Hi-Tech Industries Limited.

He has been serving Walton in various important positions for over a decade. 

Murshed is most admired for the modernization of production and aggressive marketing strategy. 

He is the president of Bangladesh Electrical, Electronics, and Home Appliances Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BEEMEA). 

Ascending to the top position of an electronic giant within 10 years and leading it from the forefront is not an easy task. 

It seems that Golam Murshed was born to be a star in the fields of corporate and business. Let us see how the youngest corporate personalities of a billion-dollar company achieved the feat and his visions for the county and the people.


Golam Murshed, joined Walton Hi-Tech Industries Limited on 20 December, 2010 as an assistant engineer in the Research and Development (R&D) of the air conditioner (AC). 

Soon after he started screening his charismatic leadership with the production unit as its in-charge. That was the foundation for Murshed to be the leader of the electronic giant of

Bangladesh. The Walton authorities found the quality of leading the production team in Murshed. The very first piece of product of Walton AC came through his hand.

After working in AC production for over two years, he went into refrigerator production with the approval of the authorities, because the fridge production procedures seemed dynamic to him then. 

He was not shillyshally to take the charge of the most important and complex line of fridge production, because it seemed to him that there were more challenges. The challenges, however, were immense but Murshed, with his charismatic leadership, overcame and the production was almost doubled in a year after he took charge of that production line in the refrigerator manufacturing plant.

Photo: Golam Murshed

While working with the fridge production line, the then managing director of Walton Hi-Tech Industries Limited gave Murshed the responsibility of business operations. 

Another revolutionary decision was made three years later; when he was appointed as the chief executive officer (CEO) of the refrigerator department of Walton. 

Golam Murshed, who always dreams to transform Bangladesh technologically and empower the people with cutting-edge technology, was appointed as the MD and CEO of the leading electronics products manufacturer on 8 October, 2020. 

Before this appointment, he had also been promoted as the company’s additional managing director (AMD).

Notable Achievements

Achievements of Walton and that of Golam Murshed are inextricably linked to one another, as he has been contributing to this company nearly from the very beginning of the operations. 

In the early days of his career, under his leadership, the refrigerator production volume doubled without investing in any new types of machinery, just through process improvement. 

He led the acquisition of several refrigerators and AC manufacturing plants from Vietnam, Taiwan, and China. 

The company attained the highest refrigerator sales during his tenure as CEO of Walton refrigerator. 

He initiated Walton ventilator, PPE, disinfectant chamber, medi-cart robot project in quick response to the Covid-19 crisis.

Murshed led the whole initial public offering (IPO) process of Walton Hi-Tech Industries Limited and took the company for a public listing to the stock exchange. 

Within a few months it became second-largest market capitalised company in Bangladesh. 

He introduced “Go Global” project to become one of the top global brands within 2030 and

Walton attained the highest export volume and value in FY2020-21 as well as the highest ever sales and net earnings in 2020-21.

Vision and Mission

As the MD and CEO of Walton Hi-Tech, the vision and mission of Golam Murshed centres around the company and brand. 

He has taken the mission of “Vision Go Global-2030.” 

This means now his main concern is to make Walton one of the top global brands within 2030. 

The contentious growth and success of the company, amid the coronavirus pandemic, indicate that fulfillment of the mission is certain and under his leadership, the dreams will come true.

Along with that, Murshed has taken various steps to make Bangladesh the hub of the electronics and technology industry emphasising research and innovation.

Golam Murshed always tries to do something for the country. For which he preferred to join Walton and not to go abroad for a better living after completing his graduation. Now his sole concern is for Walton and Bangladesh as well. 

He has already taken many steps to develop the country’s electronics, technology, research, and innovation sectors and create opportunities for young generations. 

He always thinks out of the box. 

According to him fascination with work than an academic degree, perseverance in decision making, and the determination of must do it – these three have brought him to the position which millions dream of Initiative for Green Bangladesh

To ensure a greener and cleaner Bangladesh for future generations, Golam Murshed has taken an initiative called “Better Bangladesh Tomorrow’.”

Aiming to decrease the overall carbon footprint, Walton has already started incorporating 51.16 tonnes of waste produced each day in Bangladesh in its products and manufacturing process using the 3R system (reuse, reduce and recycle). 

Sustainability awareness and training programs under the initiative will help inspire youth to take active participation in building a sustainable future for themselves and the generations to follow. 

Starting from sourcing to designing products, to the post-purchase services, the objective of such initiative is to create harmony between the human race and mother nature by balancing the natural and industrial ecology.



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