Glamscape: A Bangladeshi makeup brand that hits the right note between quality and price

March 27, 2022

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Starting with only two products (Eyelash and Silk Pillowcase), the brand now has 160 products in seven categories, in just a year.

In the hustle and bustle of our daily life, we often neglect the most important person of our lives: Ourselves. And here is where makeup plays a big role. A dash of lipstick or a smidge of kohl on the eyes can cheer you up and make you feel good about yourself.

To remind us of self-love, mother-daughter duo Shakera Khatun and Faiza K Chowdhury came forward with a makeup brand called Glamscape.

The Bangladeshi health and beauty care brand, which sticks to the motto of ‘delivering self-love’, has a wide range of colourful and easy-to-apply products including eyeshadow pigments, blush sticks and face masks.

The products are high quality and eco-friendly and within an affordable price range.

“Glamscape was created to fulfil my mother Shakera Khatun’s long cherished dream of setting up her own business. While prioritising her children’s upbringing, her own dream got lost,” said Faiza.

Starting with only two products (Eyelash and Silk Pillowcase), the brand now has 160 products in seven categories, in just a year. On reasons behind the brand’s surprising growth, Faiza shared with TBS, “There is an unmet demand for good quality beauty products in Bangladesh,” adding, “if you can match the equation of quality versus price and offer unique products at the same time, it is bound to click for you, and I guess this is what happened with Glamscape.” 

Glamscape Product

Glamscape is also preferred by some of the top make-up artists in the country. We asked Faiza, “Why would professionals choose this growing brand over international ones?” 

She replied, “We have introduced pigments, which shine like no other. The unique duochrome pigments of other brands retail for $18 to $33 per one gram pot, whereas we have launched ours at one-fifth of that.” 

Let us have a look into some of the most popular products by Glamscape. 

Dazzling eyes with eco-friendly pigments  

The stunning collection of 46 eyeshadow pigments (Tk385 to Tk415) will give you trouble to choose from, for sure.

Glamscape has the pigments divided in seven categories, depending on the tone and the texture. From monochrome to duochrome and chunky to powdery, the brand is bound to win your heart.

You can see the uniqueness in each pot. For example, the silky-textured Chameleon range gives a duochrome effect of two completely different colours, while the Ethereal range will amuse you with two tones in one single shade.  

The high shine foil of the Platinum Stars range makes it the first-choice of many MUAs for bridal makeovers. 

If you are a nature-lover and use regular glitters, it is time to stop. Did you know glitters are made from plastic and are non-biodegradable? 

On the other hand, these Glamscape pigments are made from natural minerals and are biodegradable. You would rock these dazzling pigments while saving mother-nature. What could be better than that!

Mix and match and make your own shade 

For all the creative minds out there, Glamscape launched the Liquid Pigment Booster (Tk555). The booster not only ensures your pigment stays intact all day, but also gives you the liberty to mix multiple pigments and make your own shade. 

Goodbye to toxic lash glues

Regular lash glues sometimes have chemicals such as ammonia, formaldehyde and lead, which can cause allergies and eye infections.  

As a saviour, Glamscape has introduced magnetic eyelashes, which has to be used with their magnetic eyeliner Magliner (Tk535) instead of usual lash glues. 

“Easy to use, fast application in less than a minute and easy to remove. The lashes have all these benefits while ensuring a 12-hour wear,” said Faiza on Glamscape’s Bionik Silk Magnetic Eyelash (Tk590). 

At the same time, you can also level-up your brow game with Glamscape’s Browstix (Tk490), available in brown and black shade. 

Designer nails without any hassle 

Applying false nails is now super easy with Glamscape’s press-on nails (Tk350 to Tk950). Square, almond and round shaped, the collection has nails of every shape and size.

If you are a nail polish lover, The Twinnies are the cutest pair of fake nails you can add to your collection. The pairs come with combinations of glitters, shimmers and solids. You can layer them one over another, or leave them to rock on their own.

Softer skin with Hydro Jelly Masks

To give your skin the love  it needs, Glamscape has launched very affordable Hydro Jelly Masks (Tk290). 

The masks are organic and electrolyte infused to help increase skin’s ability to retain moisture. The Belgium Cocoa mask works to keep dry skin moisturised. 

All you need to do is to mix the jelly powder with some water, apply and peel off after 15 minutes. 

Dewy cheeks with blush balm

Glamscape’s newest addition Glamstix: 3 in 1 blush stick (Tk580) has already created a hype all over the social media. The blush balm melts into your skin and gives a dewy glow which lasts all day. 

With the built-in brush, you can also use the stick for your eyes and lips. The blush sticks are available in three different shades: Cherry Blossom Babe, Bohemian Rose and Sweet Peach Peony.

You could visit Glamscape’s website to know more:



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