Five school students representing Bangladesh at NASA

April 25, 2024

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Five high school students from Bangladesh have been selected as the global finalists at the Innovation Stage of the 2023-24 Conrad Challenge. They earned the title of “Conrad Innovator” and were invited to compete in the Power Pitch Stage at the 2024 Conrad Challenge Innovation Summit, which started on April 23 at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, in Houston, Texas, USA.

The five students are Md Twa-Shin Ilahi from Harimohan Govt.High School; Mahdi Bin Ferdaus from Natore Govt. Boys’ High School; Md Nadim Shahriar Apurbo from Nazipur Govt. Model High School; Md Nur Ahmad from Rajshahi Collegiate School, and Md Sunjim Hossain from Loreeto School. They formed the “Not a Boring Team” from Bangladesh and submitted their innovation, which earned them the title of Global Finalists in the Energy & Environment category.

Not a Boring Team’s project is called the “Smart Road Safety Beast.” It is a bot, consisting of seven components, to be attached to different parts of your car. It is a revolutionary step towards achieving zero road accidents. This innovative system surpasses traditional safety measures, blending real-time hazard detection, proactive accident prevention, and comprehensive monitoring with a seamless emergency response. More than just enhancing safety, the SRSB is a champion of environmental stewardship, significantly reducing fuel and energy waste commonly associated with road accidents.

Organised by the Conrad Foundation and partnered with Space Center Houston, the Conrad Challenge is an innovation competition for students between the ages of 13 and 18. The challenge is to design an innovation to solve an important problem.

The 2023-24 Conrad Challenge had record participation totaling over 3,400 students from over 50 different countries.



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