Fintech Drutoloan raises $125,000 to revolutionize MSME financing in BD

November 27, 2023

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Druto Fintech Limited, the force behind Drutoloan, secured $125,000 in a pre-seed round, propelling its mission to revolutionize MSME financing in Bangladesh.

Drutoloan’s success is evident in its 0% default record, facilitating over 3,000 loans with a total disbursement exceeding Tk20 crore.

The funding will drive an ambitious nationwide expansion, establishing 1,000 SME centers to democratize access and contribute to economic development.

With strategic alliances and investor confidence, Druto Fintech emerges as a leader in reshaping Bangladesh’s inclusive and tech-driven financial landscape.

The successful funding marks a pivotal moment, emphasizing the transformative potential of fintech in addressing MSME challenges.



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