Ecovia a clean-tech startup from Bangladesh exhibits in the world largest tech and startup show GITEX Global

October 25, 2023

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GITEX Global is the world’s largest technology exhibition, showcasing industries from various domains, including AI, deep tech, cybersecurity, mobility, and sustainable tech.

Within GITEX Global, GITEX Impact is the section dedicated to showcasing sustainable tech. It is individually the region’s largest climate tech catalyst for sourcing clean energy solutions to tackle global warming. The show brings together sustainability leaders to source and discuss green transition solutions and strategies, empowering climate tech companies and startups with the blueprint for amplifying the UN’s 2030 sustainability agenda.

This year, Ecovia a clean-tech startup from Bangladesh has participated in the GITEX Impact. They have shown a groundbreaking innovation in compostable packaging, turning clothing waste into an eco-revolution.

Established in 2020, with the mission of carrying the future of the world Ecovia has created a significant footprint in the GITEX Impact. They offer customizable, compostable, and eco-friendly packaging solutions that return to nature as healthy compost, just like organic waste, all while retaining exceptional strength.

Rashik Hassan, co-founder and CEO of Ecovia says, “Presenting Ecovia at GITEX Global and GITEX Impact was an exceptional opportunity. The highlight of the event was the convergence of industry leaders all in one place. We had the privilege of engaging with both climate activists and financial leaders from some of the world’s top companies. This gathering of various green initiatives also facilitated networking with fellow founders in the global industry. What truly stood out to me at GITEX is that people are recognizing Ecovia as a significant takeaway from the event.”

Riasat zaman, co-founder and CTO of Ecovia says, “Being an exhibitor of the biggest startup exhibition has been the most overwhelming experience for me so far as a startup founder. We got the priceless opportunity of meeting many potential customers as well as investors who were very eager to join our mission towards building sustainable consumerism practices in packaging. I believe GITEX will turn the tides for us in the right direction for the years to come.”

The world needs more solutions like Ecovia to be a better place and young founders like Ecovia can only bring those solutions. We believe the young minds around the world will bring the change in next decades to carry a sustainable future of the world.



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