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March 14, 2022

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Content writers and digital marketers say this tool is extremely valuable because it allows them to serve more clients in less time and earn more.

Farhan Zaman leads a small team of copywriters in a digital marketing and advertising company called Backspace. The team is primarily tasked with writing advertising content, product details, social media posts, blog posts, etc., for products of the company’s clients.

Until recently, the team used to write every copy on their own (without the use of any app). It took them a great deal of time to do so, following extensive research on the product and optimisation for search engines.

For a small company hiring professional copywriters is very expensive and inefficient. But, now that his company subscribes to a copywriting app, Farhan said that it takes them 80% less time.

When asked how the helps them, he said, “Take, for example, I have a headphone to sell. As a copywriter, I’ve the task of writing a 300 or 400-word description about the product.

In the website, you just input a subject (in this case the headphone) and a key-word (a few characteristics of the product). When you press the enter button, the app automatically suggests you a few unique headlines and multiple paragraphs.”

Then you choose headlines and text.

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But Farhan also maintains that no technology or AI based tools is perfect. As a result, they also have to input some human touch – meaning a human copywriter needs to edit a little for the desired effect. But nonetheless, Farhan is happy that it takes off about 80% of the pressure off his shoulders.

So, what is CopywriterPro and how does it work?

“The software is an automation tool which can generate textual content instantly. You just input a keyword, and the app generates content which is copyright free and unique,” said Nafis Faysal, CEO and co-founder of

“Moreover, the quality of the content is also very close to that of professionals. The software can create contents such as blog posts, marketing and sales copy, product details, headlines and descriptions.

In addition, it can paraphrase already prepared text. In essence, it’s a multipurpose tool that copywriters can utilise for various purposes,” said Nafis.

The co-founder told us  that they have designed an AI model. The output is generated based on users’ input. As more people utilise the platform, the AI model gets better at providing content.

There are other AI based copywriter tools outside the Bangladeshi market. How does this copywriting tool differ from them?

In response, Nafis said that this platform is based on OpenAI’s GPT-3 model.

OpenAI is an open-source artificial intelligence research laboratory which makes many of its patents and research open to the public. One of OpenAI’s models is GPT-3, which is a language model that uses deep learning to create human-like text.

“Anybody and everybody can work on this model. But everyone takes a different road while experimenting with AI. So did we. Our ultimate plan is to make a copywriter tool in Bangla. Teaching the machine Bangla would take extensive effort, time and resources.

Our Bangladeshi NLP researcher has built a couple of Bangla models that have done a fantastic job. However, nobody has yet built a Machine Learning based Bangla copywriter,” said Nafis.

Moreover, developing Bangla copywriting tools contain some technical difficulties, according to Nafis, and to overcome those, they will need a big team with huge resources.

“As a result, at this moment, we are not focusing on the Bangla copywriter tool. But, in the future, we definitely want to do it,” said Nafis. He also believes that working (and tweaking) with an AI model would give him the expertise to build Bangla copywriting software in the future.

The platform includes multiple copywriting templates which help a digital marketer to easily produce marketing and sales copy, product description etc.

“The cornerstone of our services is the writing tool,” Nafis said, “Simply tell our AI what topic you want to write about. And it will develop an entire blog post based on keywords.”

CopywriterPro came into existence out of necessity. Back in 2020, four friends Nafis Faysal, Sakib, Sabic and Ibrahim, started a software firm. Since content marketing works pretty well in customer acquisition in the world of software development, the team decided to write technical blogs for the purpose of content marketing.

“I wrote a couple of technical blog posts, but it wasn’t enough,” said  Nafis. “I couldn’t dedicate enough time because I had to do software engineering, manage our clients and do business development.”

Writing technical posts and hiring technical writers are time-consuming and expensive. The predicament forced the team to think creatively and innovate.

“We had already worked with lots of data and machine learning-based automation, we thought why not build a tool that can write blog posts for us,” explained Nafis.

The realisation eventually led to CopywriterPro. “We started it to solve our own problem and meet our own need for a quick and automated content writing solution,” said Nafis, “It has eventually evolved into this independent solution as we come to grasp the opportunity in this space.”

Currently, they have online apps and developing chrome extensions and mobile apps – both for Android and iOS platforms. And at the moment, the app allows a seven-day free trial. It has three pricing plans; costs start from $5 to $99.

Originally the app was designed with an international focus, but it now has a significant number of users from Bangladesh too. Bangladesh has a very large number of content and digital markets that work in the top freelancing marketplace.

Top content writers and digital marketers said that this tool is a lifesaver for them because it allows them to serve more clients in less time while earning more money at the same time.

Subscribers include both individuals and companies such as Yellow Raptor, Scribblers, Backspace and many more. Presently, they have more than 100 individual subscribers and a few companies as clients.

“We have tried to build a product that solves a problem which is very crucial for online business in the digital era,” said Nafis.



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