Chalkpencil raises pre-seed investment

April 11, 2022

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Views: 302, an organization that sells products and services for the cognitive development of children, announced that it has raised its first pre-seed investment. The round was led by prolific angel investors M Asif Rahman, founder of WP developer and ARcom, and Nazmul Hasan Rupok, chief executive of WP Developer. The company did not disclose the details of the deal. 

Chalkpencil delivers high-quality art and craft items, brain development toys, and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) kits for kids. 

Saif Al Deen Farabee, the founder of Chalkpencil, said, ” I’ve started my career with a private bank. After that, I worked in an advertising agency. At the beginning of 2019, I started working on chalkpencil. The primary goal was to engage today’s children in more creative works for their creative development. 

Chalkpencil aims to provide products and services for the creative development of children with proper parenting at the right age. The organization’s structure is based on three dynamic words: play, learn, and grow. The company says its products not only help with the cognitive development of the children but also help reduce children’s screen time by providing them an opportunity to explore their creativity. 

The company says it is also building a platform for special needs children by providing them with quality, full advanced learning products. Chalkpencil claims its products are world-class in quality and come with excellent packaging and it provides country-wide free home delivery service.

M Asif Rahman said, “The concept of chalkpencil is new and innovative. Initiatives like chalkpencil that want to work on developing the creative growth of children are commendable. There is a need for services like chalkpencil in Bangladesh for the healthy development of our children. 

I keep my two children away from using mobile phones completely. I feel the lack of worthy and effective learning materials for their creative intellectual development. It is hard to find and access quality learning material for children. I thought that a local brand could be an excellent alternative. I have closely followed the plan and work of chalkpencil. I believe the company has an excellent opportunity in the market.”

Founder Saif Al Deen Farabi said that with the new investment, Chalkpencil plans to expand its operation and invest more in growth, acquire new products, improve existing products, and improve customer services. The company also plans to make its products widely accessible to students in remote country areas. 



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