Bangladeshi-origin Sal Khan in Insider’s Top 100 in AI 2023

October 11, 2023

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Sal Khan, an American educator of Bangladeshi origin, has recently been named in the Insider AI 100 2023 list, a recognition that honours significant contributions to the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Khan is famously known for his tutoring web platform Khan Academy, which was launched in 2008. He has also recently introduced Khanmigo, an AI teaching assistant at Khan Academy. 

Launched earlier this year, Khanmigo helps students choose correct answers to a question over a dedicated chat box. It can also provide technology-enhanced essay feedback and grading, lesson planning, and rubric creation for teachers.

“If we put the right guardrails, we can mitigate the risks. But I think we’re at the cusp of using AI for probably the biggest positive transformation that education has ever seen,” Khan said in his April 2023 TED Talk, as per the article from Insider.

The Insider 100 AI list 2023 consists of people from various fields for their contributions and successfully reinventing a business model with AI. It also lists David Brown from Amazon Web Services, Sissie Hsiao from Google, and Daphne Luong from Apple, among others. The people on the list will likely impact the future of AI and how it may shape our lives, commented Insider on their list.



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