Bangladeshi Mr. Fakhrul’s unimaginable success in business in Europe

September 12, 2021

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Many of us prioritize business over jobs. The most reasonable reason to prioritize business a little more is that you don’t have to sit for a fixed salary like a job, even if you are the boss in your business. There are many more reasons why business is more acceptable than jobs.

If you look at the current young people, you will always see that they are talking about new business ideas, many of them start various kinds of business while they are students and even many of them continue their business in a very successful way.

But what are the reasons behind this success?

Of course you will say, talent, patience, creativity. The other thing you need is capital and a friendly environment where you will feel comfortable.

But suppose you are in a place where everyone will show you that you are a foreigner. You have no relatives, no friends. Even if very little.

Can you think of setting up your own business in such a hostile environment?

Or, do you think you will be successful even if you stand ???

Today we will try to tell you the success story of a man who is also a successful businessman from far away Europe. I am talking about Mr. Fakrul, a talented person.

He is currently based in Belgium. By his successful business I am meaning his family grocery shop.

What is the main reason for coming to your business?

He replied, “I came into the business out of love for business. Also, since it was my family business before, I got into this business with my father’s inspiration.”

What do you think sets your business apart from all other businesses?

In reply, he said, “Honest treatment of clients, delivering products to them at a fair price, these set me apart from all other business men.”

He also added, “I believe, ‘client is the king’. I always try to give them the best possible service.”

What has made you so successful?

After asking this question, he gave some interesting information. “When I get the time, I visit different stores as an avid customer, trying to find out the price of their products, their usage. Which has helped me a lot to make my business successful,” he said.

Were there any obstacles in starting your business? How did you overcome them?

Asked about the obstacles, he said there was more competition here than obstacles. So it would be difficult to prove oneself again and again, and the skyrocketing tax of this country was the problem. But he never gave up. Through courage and patience he has repeatedly overcome all problems.

What are your future plans for business?

Asked about future plans, he said, “I want to have ten more such shops, to have my own brand.” He has already started working with the brand and is 80% complete.

what would be your suggestion for the current young people who want to go into the business world like you?

He said, “The essential condition of business is to be patient. And those who know how to do business in a foreign country like me, they have to accept various obstacles. But the rate should not be complied with.”

In fact, patience is very important. That is why Lord Chesterfield says, “Patience is the most essential quality of business”

Mr. Fakrul is not just running his business with his grocery shop. It also has its own e-commerce site.

Has there been so much success one day?

The answer is, No. He had to go through various difficult situations. But there is a man behind every success story. What I call in my language is magical. There is also a magician in this story. He is the father of Mr. Fakrul. Who has always been by his side in his adversity, giving him courage.

Such success of Mr. Fakrul really deserves a lot of praise. It is not possible to succeed in such a hostile environment without strong talent and patience. Hopefully, today’s youth will be much inspired to see him and will be able to give a gift of a bright future to the country and the nation.



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