Bangladesh wins 13 awards at 24th Int’l Robot Olympiad

January 16, 2023

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Hosted annually, the International Robot Olympiad (IRO) is a global event that awards students from all over the world in robotics. This year, in the 24th iteration of the IRO, Team Bangladesh won a total of 13 awards, including 1 gold medal, 2 silver medals, 2 bronze medals and 8 technical medals.

The 24th International Robot Olympiad was held from January 12 to 15 in Phuket, Thailand. This year, about 1,500 participants from all around the world participated in the global event, with Bangladesh competing with a 14-member team consisting of students from different schools and colleges in the country.

In the ‘Robot in Movie’ category, Maisha Sobhan, Samia Mehnaz, and Marjia Afifa Prithibi from Team Aficionados won the gold medal from the challenge group. Silver medalists from the junior group are Zaima Jahin Wara, Mahruz Mohammad Ayman and Shabnam Khan from Team Robosparkers. In the challenge group of the ‘Creative Category’, Nusaiba Tazreen Tanisha, Sadia Anjum Puspo, B. M. Hamim from Team Zeroth won the silver medal.

The team from Bangladesh won 13 awards, including 1 gold and 2 silver medals, at the 24th International Robot Olympiad. Photo: Collected

Nusaiba Tazreen Tanisha, Sadia Anjum Puspo, B. M. Hamim from Team Zeroth and Nasheetat Zainah Rahman and Quazi Mostahid Labib from Team RoboTigers won the bronze medal from the challenge group of the ‘Robot in Movie’ category.

The technical medalists were Zaima Jahin Wara, Mahruz Mohammad Ayman, and Shabnam Khan from Team Robosparkers in the junior group of the ‘Creative Category’.

Other technical medalists included, also in the ‘Creative Category’ were Nasheetat Zainah Rahman, Quazi Mostahid Labib, and Abrar Shahid from Team Robotigers; Mahir Tajwar Chowdhury from Team Xfanatics in the challenge group of the same category; Team Xfanatics consisting of Mahir Tajwar Chowdhury and Abrar Shahid in the challenge group of ‘Robot in Movie’ category.

Technical medals were also awarded to Nusaiba Tazreen Tanisha and Marjia Afifa Prithibi in the ‘Physical Computing’ category, Mahir Tajwar Chowdhury in the ‘FPV Racing Simulator’ category, Md. Omar Karim in the ‘Energy Saving’, ‘Cart Rolling’ and ‘Robot Gathering’ category.

Regarding the achievement, Gold Medal winner Samia Mehnaz says, “If the same me six months ago were asked about this journey, she wouldn’t have believed it.” She shares that the journey has been incredible but possible with the support of our parents, the guidance of our mentor, and our passion for our ambition.

According to Prof. Dr. Lafifa Jamal, President of the Bangladesh Robot Olympiad Committee, Bangladesh has participated in the International Robot Olympiad since 2018 and has won multiple awards each year, including gold medals. She believes the hard work and effort of Team Bangladesh and its mentors led to this consistently outstanding performance.



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