Bangladesh top in global software development growth: GitHub report

February 7, 2024

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Recent data from GitHub has positioned Bangladesh at the forefront of global software development growth, with the country experiencing the highest year-over-year increase in developer accounts. According to figures released by GitHub on January 18, as part of its Innovation Graph project, Bangladesh saw a 66.5% growth in GitHub developer accounts between Q3 2022 and Q3 2023. This significant increase distinguishes Bangladesh from other rapidly growing tech economies, including Nigeria, Pakistan, Singapore, and India, among others.

In the period leading up to September 2023, the number of Bangladeshi developers registered on GitHub escalated from 568,145 to 945,696. The data indicates a significant rise in the number of Bangladeshi developers engaging with GitHub, a platform widely used for software development collaboration. Nigeria and Pakistan also saw notable expansions in their developer populations, contributing to a broader trend of increasing software development activity outside traditional tech hubs.

However, the GitHub data comes with its limitations, primarily measuring the number of registered accounts rather than the volume of code contributions. This distinction suggests that the figures may disproportionately represent less active contributors within the development community.

Nonetheless, this trend is reflective of a larger narrative of digital inclusivity and the democratisation of technology across the globe. The rise of software development in Bangladesh challenges the traditional tech innovation dominance of Western and established Asian markets, highlighting the potential for emerging economies to contribute significantly to the global digital landscape.



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