Bangladesh starts exporting printed circuit boards

September 26, 2023

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While already established as a major player in garment and pharmaceutical exports, Bangladesh is now expanding its presence in the global market for high-tech circuitry, namely printed circuit boards (PCBs).

Walton Digi-Tech Industries Limited is at the forefront of the local PCB industry as the country’s sole manufacturer of the electrical component recently initiated exports to Greece.

A PCB is a laminated sandwich structure that is used as a medium to send electronic signals to connected components of an electronic device, thereby facilitating its various functions.

As such, PCBs are widely used in making consumer electronics, such as computers and smartphones, as well as automobiles and numerous other appliances, including industrial and military mechanisms.

Walton struck an accord with a Greek company for the sale of 3.6 lakh PCBs in January of this year.

So far, Walton has shipped 10,000 pieces of the product through the first consignment on September 20 while the remainder will be exported within the next one year, according to company officials.

SM Rezaul Alam, chairman of Walton Digi-Tech, said they made the shipment just days after commencing commercial production and marketing of their PCB products and assembly line.

“Walton is manufacturing and supplying world-class PCB products by making huge investments in the industry to meet the growing demand for IT products,” he said.

“It was once unimaginable that such high-tech components could be made in Bangladesh but it is now possible thanks to the efforts and initiatives of Walton,” Alam added.

He went on to say Walton will keep exporting PCBs to Greece every month at least until the initial order is fulfilled while also gradually exploring other markets.

“Walton is producing, selling and exporting different types of ‘Made in Bangladesh’ tagged PCBs using advanced foreign technology that make single or multi-layer products,” Alam said.

“There is even the scope to order customised PCBs as per the buyers’ requirement,” he added.

Nasir Uddin, chief business officer of Walton’s PCB products, said they decided to initiate exports after meeting domestic demand.

“We are now in the process of starting exports to other countries in Europe and America,” he added, citing how this would pave the way for Bangladesh to increase its export earnings.

Liakat Ali, additional managing director of Walton Digi-Tech, set up their fully automated PCB manufacturing plant using equipment from Italy, Germany and the Netherlands.

As it stands, the company currently meets 50 percent of the country’s demand for 20,000 square metres of PCB per month.

“The PCBs are mainly used to make motherboards for all types of electrical and electronic devices,” he added.



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