AsthaIT CodeCamp: Unleashing tech superheroes for a digital world takeover

November 5, 2023

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Bangladesh’s tech scene is levelling up, and here’s how. Meet AsthaIT, the tech trailblazers who have been igniting innovation for 15+ years, and they’re not done yet. Their latest mission? To bridge the gap between ambitious tech enthusiasts and the ever-expanding tech universe.

In a world where technology reigns supreme, the demand for tech superheroes is through the roof. But the traditional education system simply can’t keep up with the warp-speed industry growth, reads a press release.

Fresh Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) grads diving headfirst into the industry are like fish out of water. They’ve got the book smarts but lack real-world skills, which is essential in the cutthroat tech arena.

Online courses? They’re out there, but they can’t give you that in-the-trenches experience. And those fancy career centre certifications? They’re like showing up to a water gun fight with a teaspoon.

In a world where knowledge and experience rule, AsthaIT’s CodeCamp is your magic portal to the digital kingdom. The curriculum is literally a 360-Degree Spin on Tech Wizardry.

Let’s have a look at what you are getting out of it:

  • Become a World-Class Software Engineer in 4 Months: It’s like a tech boot camp on steroids, turbocharging your skills in record time.
  • Learn from Industry-Expert Senior Engineers: The Jedi Masters of the tech galaxy are here to guide you, imparting their wisdom and battle-tested strategies. 
  • Work on Scalable Application Development: Dive into real-world projects that give you street cred and prepare you for the tech arena’s epic battles. 
  • Develop at a Real Software Company: Your internship isn’t just a job; it’s your superhero apprenticeship, complete with capes (metaphorically speaking). 
  • Improve Soft Skills Development: You’ll learn to speak tech and human, becoming the ultimate bridge between code and people. 

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