A success history of a poor village boy

January 30, 2022

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A little boy who was once a poor village kid of Bangladesh. But who knew that this boy would one day leave the country and spread the fame of Bangladesh in abroad. Most of the people know him, and guess what you know him too. So hold on to your breath, this is going to be an exciting, inspirational, and emotional story. It was the 8th of February 1991, when this boy opened his eye in Ghullia, Bangladesh. Yes, his name is Md Hussin Alam. The Bangladeshi village boy now is living in Poland. His academic achievements have caused quite a stir in Europe and around the world.

Yes, I am talking about Md Hussin Alam.

Hussin Alam said, I have achieved these dreams of success with hard work. My tears have become the ink of the pen in every exam. Study in Bangladesh and UK was a biggest challenge for me. It was a great difficulty that I obtained the certificate of a ranking university in Europe, including London. I was born such a poor village in Ghullia of Mohammadpur police station in Magura district. My village 80% people are illiteracy and most of the people live in bottom of the pyramid area. From this village higher study was like a nightmare. I was grew up this village my childhood. In a word, I am a village boy. Since there was no high school in my village, that why I was admitted to Ghullia Dakhil Madrasa. I passed Dakhil exam in 2005 from Ghullia Dakhil Madrasa.

Hussin Alam said, my childhood was very hard and a nightmare. In a village where people start their morning with farming and have to run for their livelihood from one field to another, it is very difficult to find good words for inspirational education. Another main problem was financial difficulties. We had very hard time. We didn’t have enough money for study. I did farm work; full day work salary was only TK 90. I provided lesson for class 3 and 4 when I was class six, it was continued before go to London. The dream of studying in London was the dream of making the impossible to possible.

When I went to Canterbuty, Kent, UK, I didn’t have any place to sleep. Somehow, I found a place for sleep top of the restaurant. My one year expend was around 18/19 thousand pounds, as a middle-class family not possible to give me money for study in UK. To earn this money, I had to do three jobs, including kitchen pottery and cleaning. I used to do cleaning job in the morning, then hospitality management job at University of Kent and in the afternoon I was working as a manager of Indian restaurant till midnight. After work, I would stay up all night studying. I don’t remember how many tears I shed and how many nights I didn’t slept. I remember Friday, Saturday, Sunday, these three days I slept only 2/3 hours. What is hard life I know very well.

Hussin Alam, currently doing a PhD in political science at the Institute of Political Science, University of Wroclaw, Poland, focusing on the contribution of the social business model to solve social issues. He holds a MSc in international business from Canterbury Christ Church University, UK and a BA (Hons) from the University of Sunderland,UK. He is the second Bangladeshi to completed Masters degree from Canterbury Christ Church University, Canterbury, Kent, UK. He was a Post Graduate Student Officer at the Canterbury Christ Church University Student Union (elected).

He was nominated for the ECPR (European Consortium for Political Research) Rising Star Award in 2020 by Dean of social science and was chair of the “15 and 16 International Student Conference” panels at the university of Wroclaw, Poland. He received twice best Ph.D. student’s rector scholarship. He was also on the organizational committee for the International Student Conference on Politics & Society in Central and Eastern Europe, Institute of Political Science, University of Wroclaw. He also scientific organizational committee for the 2 nd International Conference on Entrepreneurship, Management, Innovation, and Development- 2020 (IC-EMID 2020) online, hosted in London on 20 th December 2020. He was a panelist for the “Entrepreneurship competences” for School, Work and Life on the European Vocational Skills Week 2020 hosted by Warnborough College.

He published 6 scientific articles and presented research paper more than 25 international conferences.His recent book chapter “Role of technology for formal education in Bangladesh: going to publish, book name “Disruptive Innovation and Emerging Technologies for Business Excellence in the Service Sector”. One of the top publishers titled IGI Global publisher, USA. He did scientific internship university of Dhaka, Bangladesh. He worked as a lecture at the International University of Logistic and Transport in Wroclaw, Poland. He also interviewed Nobel peace prize winner professor Muhammad Yunus twice in conjunction with his work. He is a scientific columnist for one of the oldest and most-read newspapers in Bangladesh and abroad (“The daily Ittefaq”) and is a formal scientific moderator on the online newspaper “shikshabarta.com”.

Hussin Alam said, there noting impossible, if you work hard with the dream success will come. My two teachers gave me inspiration for success and hard work, one is Mr. kobir hossan another on Dr. Vipin Nadda.



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