A group of Bangladesh-born entrepreneurs and technologists launch a global startup incubator and venture studio named Strings

January 2, 2023

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Bangladeshi tech entrepreneur Hasnaeen Rizvi Rahman has announced the launch of Strings, a US-based startup incubator and venture studio, to empower founders and early stage startups globally.

Headquartered in New York City, Strings plans to work with passionate founders, invest in brilliant ideas and co-create remarkable companies.

“Our mission is to help brilliant founders and early-stage startups succeed and scale, leveraging our years of experience and expertise,” — says the founder of Strings.

He also talks about his gratefulness to have his four co-founders in his journey of founding Strings. “The Strings team consists of some of the brilliant and successful minds of Bangladeshi origin having impactful footprints in the tech world. My co-founders’ support is key for Strings to move towards its mission day by day.”

The Strings team includes Najah Naaji, who has previously worked as a Data Analytics & AI Specialist at Google, a Solutions Architect at AWS and is currently working as a Senior Manager at Optus.

The third of the co-founders, Mezbah Uddin is an AI scientist at antuit.ai. He is an analytical thinker who believes in searching for the story behind data. And last but not the least, SM Adnan is a software engineer at Google. He has over 18 years of experience in the tech industry and has worked for companies like Motorola, Disney Interactive and Apple.

Strings is an incubator, a capital investor and a venture studio congregated in one space. Although being a US-based company, they intend to work with any startup from around the world that leverages technology. Strings’ portfolio already includes companies from different geographic origins such as Astha IT, Chakri.app, BDPreneurs and Prodigies.dev.

Strings’ services are divided into three distinct categories. Strings Incubator helps idea-stage startups get to the next level and early-stage startups scale. This programme only takes on a handful of companies at once and provides support for their growth in a hands-on approach through sharing advice, tools and networking.

The incubator has two specialized programmes called Strings Foundry and Strings Women. Strings Foundry partners with talented individuals who have a strong entrepreneurial spirit. It co-founds businesses based on ideas it has nurtured where the entrepreneurial individuals take the role of CEO. Strings Women, on the other hand, is a specialized initiative to encourage and assist female founders in building great companies. It provides guidance on how to create programs, arrange training and design workplaces to female entrepreneurs.

Strings Capital invests pre-seed capital to early stage startups with high growth potential. To invest in a startup, the company requires having a deep understanding of both the business and the founding team behind it. By maintaining the informational margin of a co-founder, Strings only invests in businesses it believes in.

Strings Venture Studio provides 360-degree offering including everything from incubation and capital to strategy and technology. Its cross-functional teams collaborate with the portfolio companies to develop scalable digital products while providing A to Z product development and engineering services.

“Strings is founded with the purpose of creating and nurturing an ecosystem of promising tech companies. We want to empower the brilliant minds of the technology industry to pose a meaningful positive impact on the world,” — says Hasnaeen Rizvi Rahman when asked about his vision for Strings.

Strings welcomes entrepreneurs, technologists and investors across the globe to work hand in hand with the team towards its mission and vision. The three pillar services of Strings offer various ways of working with them – from receiving product development services to investing or working as a mentor for other promising tech businesses. More information on this is available on their website.



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